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Escort Reviews

Agency Reviews
  added by  Se... for  TRACY on 08 June 2022

this lady is a cheat u send her transport money she goes mute even stops answering tp calls members don’t fall into her scam

  added by  Mu... for  Ruby on 09 May 2022

Amazing big round ass indeed

  added by  Me... for  AMINAH. on 25 April 2022

Beyond Beauty 😍! She is real, so friendly and offers the best service.

Actually I even got caught in my mind to an extent that i didn’t want leave her after the service.

  added by  Da... for  Noreen on 19 April 2022

Freakiest sexiest girl and very nice. Gave me the best lesbian show ever she really is a goddess.

  added by  Pe... for  Britah( Nudes & Videos, Dildo shows)🍆 on 30 March 2022

I really enjoyed this chick yesto……. Worthy every dime felt like home combination of polite, crazy in bed a good rider

  added by  Bi... for  SQUIRTING BARBIE.😘💦💦💦 on 18 March 2022

She is the real squirting queen. She takes her time with you and is never rushing. Trust her for the very best service.

  added by  Ka... for  Britah( Nudes & Videos, Dildo shows)🍆 on 12 March 2022

She hospitable . Real deal knows what to do looking forward to meet again

  added by  An... for  Noreen on 04 March 2022

Wow ! I met Noreen yesterday, she is a nice person, kind, friendly, receptive.Her place is clean and organised.

About the sex, she is so sexy, has a warm, tight wet pussy, and has one of the best booties ! It’s soft and well shaped with the butt cheeks.

Doing doggy with her is the best thing that can happen to you, coz the sight and view of that onion booty can make you cum in seconds !

I urge every man reading this review to go fuck her, you will get your money’s worth.

  added by  no... for  COCK RIDGER on 22 February 2022

She’s nice. Try her out, worth every penny

  added by  Zz... for  Henessy on 16 February 2022

Oooh my God this is a dream come this chick is a really thick Godess ,her bum bum is really soft the way she clapped it on my dick😋😋😋

  added by  Zz... for  Henessy on 16 February 2022

Shes humble down to earth and welcoming with a clean pussy.This bae will eat my rent

  added by  Ss... for  COCK RIDGER on 10 February 2022

Can i rate this babe past 5 stars, cause she deserves a rare 7 star, dont let that humble look fool u, shes a beast, shes a freak, she is as nasty as they get, let me call her the sex god, pussy soo clean, i deeped my tongue all the way inside tht sweet hole, love the way she makes that sound when shes feeling every bit of tough, and when shes cumming, omg, ts heaven on earth, dont get me started on the way she rides tht dick, she means business, as a matter of fact, to her ts not business, i think shes a sex addict cause everything is just real, from the way she swallows tht dick, u might think shes wants to own it and keep it to her self, she takes it down her throat, i remember that blow job like t was just minutes ago, am not over rating her but to me, an definatly fucking her at any chance i get, cant forget the way she bent over and i fucked her from behind, her pussy was jst soo wet and inviting, i think i even fell in love, lastly what she did when it was time for us to go our seperate ways, fuck she gave me that one french kiss that got me hard again in seconds, pushed her tongue in my mouth, held my dick in my pants and whispered in my ear, see u again next time, fuck i just never wanted to leave, but as you know, i had too 😂😂😂, but all in all, shes the best guys, meet her and thank me later

  added by  Ja... for  Amelia. on 10 February 2022

Friendly.. Funny.. Great Conversationalist.. Kisses on Point.. Tongue is magic..

  added by  Lo... for  Fifi(videos & dildo shows) on 07 February 2022


  added by  Lo... for  FIO on 24 January 2022

Shes the best in this and i highly recommend for those who are looking for profesional service

  added by  Ag... for  Noreen on 20 January 2022

Very Romantic, gives you time ad makes it feels nice with a feeling of a Couple.

  added by  Ag... for  MASSAGE AND MORE on 20 January 2022

The best Place to go for a sensentional Massage and Extras. Very nice ladies who know what they are doing. I will always come for more

  added by  Ag... for  Glosha the water bae on 20 January 2022

This Babe, she is crazy in Sex, she can ride you and you feel like drawning. Very Friendly, Honest and Clean. Try her out, you will never regret

  added by  Mu... for  Ruby on 15 January 2022

Met again and still maintained the squirting,real photos and curves if your looking for an all round escort wone you can go with for even functions this one is complete.water clear,pussy too tight loved eating her she has good taste and clean asshole.wish to see you again worthy every penny lovely body girl

  added by  Fr... for  Glosha the water bae on 08 January 2022

like her name, water bae… Her pussy has so much water for showering. She is very friendly and relaxed. I enjoyed my time with her. I rate her very perfect.

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