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Exotic Uganda Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Uganda Frequently Asked Questions


Exotic Uganda Frequently Asked Questions 1


Exotic Uganda is a premier escort listing directory in the whole of Uganda synonymous with beautiful escorts who offer top-notch and affordable escort services. You may be having what it takes to join Exotic Uganda, but you haven’t done so yet because you have certain lingering questions.

The following below are your frequently asked questions and their respective answers:

Question: What are the age requirements?

Answer: One must be 18 years and above. Becoming an escort on Exotic Uganda is like working. Ugandan laws stipulate that 18 years is the standard age of majority. Someone is able to make independent decisions so long as they are not under duress or not of sound mind. Underage individuals are strictly prohibited from joining Exotic Uganda.

Question: How do I prove that indeed I have attained the standard age of majority?

Answer: You must possess an original Ugandan identification card, which is normally issued free of charge at the attainment of the standard  age of majority. Incase you have attained the age of majority, acquired the identification card and lost it, you must present a police abstract showing that you are waiting for a replacement from the mandated authorities.

Question: Can I join as a foreigner?

Answer: If you are a foreigner living in Uganda and intend to work in Uganda, you must apply for a work permit. It only takes you about a month to acquire it. Once you have a permit that allows you to work in Uganda, you are free to join Exotic Uganda as an escort.

Question: Does Exotic Uganda list LGBTQ members?

Answer: The Ugandan government recently passed the anti-homosexuality identification into law. Therefore, as a law abiding organization operating in Uganda, we do not want to contravene this law.

Question: Is Exotic Uganda a pimping agency?

Answer: Not at all. Exotic Uganda is just an escort directory that offers advertising space to those who intend to offer escort services in Uganda. We do not in any way recruit girls or boys for clients.

Question: Am I eligible without experience?

Answer: Yes indeed. What you need is to be a people’s person. Escorting needs a great deal of interpersonal skills. This is the reason we have a category for new escorts. There are those who joined without prior experience but they are now the most sought after escort service providers in Uganda.

Question: Can I operate discreetly on Exotic Uganda?

Answer: Exotic Uganda has put in place measures which ensure that personal privacy is observed and maintained with utmost seriousness. If you want to know to remain discreet, you rich out to the Exotic Uganda admin who will guide you through.

Question: Can I still join even if I don’t have a car?

Answer: You do not need a car to join Exotic Uganda as an escort. There are means of mobility in Uganda, and people are at will to choose whichever they deem fit. If a client insist on a car, you can always get one from car rentals or you can use an Uber.









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