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  added by  Br... for  Kitone on 18 April 2017

Very sweet, calm, gives a nice blowjob, stayed a full 60 minutes, leaving me exhausted with pleasure.

  added by  pa... for  Nina Collins. on 14 April 2017

I had some great time with her. I recommend her highly.

  added by  pa... for  Namazzi on 07 April 2017

Looking great, Great service. I highly recommend her!

  added by  ri... for  Riner Stock on 19 March 2017

Had an amazing time with her..

  added by  ro... for  Natalie on 16 March 2017

Best time I’ve ever had

  added by  jo... for  Tasha on 15 March 2017

Fair and lovely

  added by  ze... for  Rita on 15 March 2017

urgently need u again….nicy curves

  added by  ze... for  Kitone on 10 March 2017

was sexy …..deserves a niat

  added by  ze... for  Namazzi on 10 March 2017

perfect ..water logged and flooded. Good Kachavari.

  added by  Br... for  Namazzi on 16 February 2017

Wow! She flooded my mouth till I drowned in her juices. Awesome beauty!

  added by  Vc... for  Namazzi on 10 February 2017

she is honest as she looks and u gat the sweetest pot full of waters

  added by  sa... for  Anisha on 06 February 2017

I had a very profesional and exciting stay in uganda ever’

  added by  bo... for  Nina Collins. on 05 February 2017

that pussy was great..(!)

  added by  pu... for  Namazzi on 05 February 2017

Your beauty and intelligence surpassed my expectations. Great experience.

  added by  Ta... for  Nina Collins. on 05 February 2017

U were so sweet & professional, loved the time I had.!!

  added by  Ed... for  Jessy on 30 December 2016

You were sexy and attractive

  added by  ye... for  Clara on 30 December 2016

i loved your pussy bad bitch

  added by  Ra... for  Tasha on 11 December 2016

She’s real , she’s the best.

  added by  Lu... for  Anisha on 24 November 2016

Had a great time with Anisha. I highly recommend her

  added by  Ch... for  Natalie on 19 November 2016

Good job beautiful