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Exotic Uganda Client Conduct and Etiquette Guidelines

Exotic Uganda Client Conduct and Etiquette Guidelines

Do you want to have quality experience with an escort in Uganda? Well quality experience with a service or its provider starts  first with your conduct. The way you interact with an escort determines a great deal about how you will enjoy.

The customer is always right slogan doesn’t mean the seller is always wrong. Let’s look at it from a humanistic perspective. The escort service is not an isolated identity in itself. It is not like a software or something intangible being offered by a human being, but it is actually the being herself or himself full of emotional attunement. What one needs to know is that, the escort is so many things in one-service, good, customer care agent, and much more.

An escort is a human being who uses their erogenous organs to dispense whatever type of  escort or sensual service a client needs. Whether you are looking for erotic massage services, loyal companionship, sex, fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming, gokkun, etc., the tools of trade are not some abstract things, inanimate objects, but real physical body parts like lips, tongue, vagina, penis, fingers, hands, breasts, nipples, and much more.

Remember this is not slave trade. This is an interactive moment between two adult individuals, one seeking sensual fulfillment and the other making sure that the sensual services ordered and offered are serving the purpose. Therefore, as a client, conducting yourself in a manner that cultivates a positive atmosphere, is critical.

Considering that most clients receive escort services from people of the opposite gender, it is always essential to consider behaviour that will evoke positive emotions. This is not to say that even those receiving from same gender escorts shouldn’t consider the same.

Let’s look at how one should conduct themselves in the presence of a Ugandan escort:

  1. Be polite

It doesn’t matter how low an escort below your living standards. So long as that is the person you chose to serve you, politeness is a recipe for a good experience.

2. Be respectful

Respect the escorts body. Don’t trespass. If it is body massage that you paid for, do not force yourself on her body and, for instance, insist on having sex. You can ask for permission to touch if it so kills you.

3. Practice restraint

Focus on what you requested. Don’t get into other conversations such as marital status, why he or she decided to become an escort unless the escort is comfortable about such topics.

4. Be clean

It doesn’t matter how much you have paid for whatever category of escort service, being smelly will cripple the escorts enthusiasm to entertain you. Brush your teeth, wear cologne, etc.

5. Use words of affirmation

Appreciate the escort’s beauty, dress code, perfume, and much more. Tell them that they are the person you have been looking for. Simple things like these will make the escort offer much more than you bargained for.

6. Exercise confidentiality

Do not take selfies while enjoying sensual services. Be discreet so that the escort doesn’t feel insecure. This will also play well in future. Remember being to open may be used to blackmail you in future.

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